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Cessation Charges

Explaining the charges due when broadband service is removed from your telephone line.

What is a cessation charge?

'Cessation' is the industry term for 'cancellation'. From 8th September 2008 BT Wholesale introduced a cessation charge that applies whenever a broadband service is cancelled.

How much is the charge and when does it apply?

Date Change Summary
October 22nd 2009 onwards

£25.00 (inc VAT) for Residential customers

£21.73 (ex VAT) for Business customers

October 29th 2008 to Octotober 22nd 2009

£20.00 (inc VAT) for Residential customers

£17.39 (ex VAT) for Business customers


When will it not apply?

The charge doesn't apply if you've requested a move to another provider using a MAC Key. In this case your broadband service isn't cancelled, it's just transferred between service providers.

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