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Broadband Traffic Graphs

A brief explanation of your ADSL broadband usage graphs.

ADSL Bandwidth Graph

A: Bandwidth Data
This section of the graph indicates the actual bandwidth used at a particular time. The height of the graph at each point indicates the bandwidth used during that time. The x-axis indicates the time / date, with the right-hand side of the graph indicating the most recent data. The y-axis indicates the actual bandwidth used.

The graph shows two sets of data, one red and one green. The red data is for incoming bandwidth (i.e. downloads to your location). The green data is outgoing bandwidth (uploads from your location).

B:Maximum Bandwidth Indicator Line
This line indicates the maximum available bandwidth for your connection. In the above example, a green line is displayed at a height corresponding to 256kbps. This indicates that your maximum outgoing bandwidth is 256kbps (note that some of our services offer faster outgoing speeds).

The line is displayed purely for your reference. If the outgoing bandwidth graph is regularly reaching this line, this means that you are making full use of your outgoing bandwidth.

C: Last Update Time
This entry displays the last update time of the graph. The graphs are not updated in real-time; if you perform a large download, it will not be displayed until the next update.

D: Key
This indicates which colours on the main bandwidth portion of the graph relate to incoming (downloaded to your location) and outgoing bandwidth (uploaded from your location).

E: Peak Statistics
Displayed here is the maximum bandwidth usage over the whole of the displayed graph.

F: Average Statistics
The average bandwidth used over the period of the whole of the displayed graph.

G: Current Statistics
These figures indicate the most recently recorded bandwidth value (i.e. the value of the right-most entry on the graph).

Accounts With Multiple IPs
If you are using multiple IP addresses on your ADSL broadband account, the graph displays your combined usage, across all your IPs.

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