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Windows 98 Dial-up

A guide for setting up a dial-up connection via Windows 98.

Step 1: From the Windows 98 desktop, go to My Computer and find the Dial-Up Networking folder. If it is not there then it must be installed from the Windows 98 CD-ROM before proceeding further. Double-click on the Make New Connection icon.

Make New Connection
Step 2: You'll see the screen below appear. In the box marked below, enter the name Metronet. Windows should already have your modem configured correctly. Click Next. You'll be taken to the next screen.

Type a name for your connection
Step 3: In the box marked below enter the Internet connection number for your Metronet account.

In the area code field enter 0845. The phone number should be entered as 6041679. Ensure that the country code is set to United Kingdom (44). Click on Next.

Make sure that you use the correct dial-in number after you have signed up. This will ensure that you receive maximum speed and appropriate call charges.
Enter access number
Step 4: Click Next. You'll see that you have now created a new connection. Yours will be called Metronet. Click Finish.
Step 5: You will notice that a new icon has appeared in the Dial-Up Networking Folder called Metronet. The properties of this connection should now be checked in order to ensure a successful and reliable connection. Right click on the Metronet icon and select Properties. The General screen confirms the details that have already been entered. If you ever need to change the telephone access number then this is where you would enter it.
Step 6: As well as the General tab, you'll see Server Types, Scripting and Multilink. Select the Server Types tab - the others are not important here. Type of Dial-Up Server should read PPP and then list your Operating System. Advanced Options should only have Enable software compression selected and Allowed network protocols should only have TCP/IP selected. Click OK and OK again to return to the Dial-Up Networking screen.
PPP Advanced options
Step 7: Double click on the Metronet icon with your left mouse button. Enter your Metronet username and password, then press the Connect button. The modem will dial the number we specified earlier (this will be shown in the phone number field below) and you should be connected to Metronet within a few seconds.

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