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Reporting Service Abuse

A guide that explains what activities are considered an abuse of the service, and how we deal with them.

A guide that explains what activities are considered an abuse of the service, and how we deal with them.

What is abuse?
Internet Service Providers use the term 'abuse' to describe actions and activities considered a misuse of Internet access. Some common Internet activities that fall into this definition of abuse are:

  • Allowing unauthorised users to access your Metronet service.
  • Using Internet access to gain unlawful access to private computer systems or networks.
  • Breaching UK law in respect to copyright infringement or publication of materials that is libel or indecent or insulting.
  • Engaging in spamming.
  • Using Internet access to menace or harass others.
  • Using Internet access in a manner identified as unlawful by law enforcement or legal authorities.
  • Port scanning other people's computers/networks.

This list is not definitive - more information on what constitutes abuse is available in our Acceptable Use Policy.

Spam and intrusion attempts (by port scanning) are the most common forms of abuse that are reported to us. Virus or Trojan infections, rather than malicious users, cause the majority of these abuses. See our guide for how best to deal with virus infections.

When to report abuse to Metronet
We can only deal with complaints against our own customers, if the person committing abuse is not a customer of Metronet you should direct your complaint to their provider.

  • If reporting email abuse and spamming
    Please read our tutorial on reporting spam email for details of how to track down the source of abuse.
  • If reporting virus and port scanning
    To determine whether you are being scanned by a Metronet customer, you need to find out who owns the IP address that is scanning you. This can be done by performing a 'whois lookup' on the address that is being reported by your firewall. You can perform a whois lookup using the website of the organisation that allocates Internet addresses in Europe - Ripe lookup tool.
Also see how to report service abuse.

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