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Problem: [40449] Migration out system issue charging outstanding fees without acknowledgement Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 22/02/2007 @ 17:06

It would appear that the system is automatically charging customers outstanding fees upon notification of a migration out (including deferred contracts) without acknowledgement of the customer.

It appears the system does not allow outstanding contracts on downgraded accounts. The system should downgrade the account and keep any outstanding contracts in place until customer has confirmed payment can be taken, or is sent to debt recovery.

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Comment updated on: 22/02/2007 @ 17:41

Problem investigated, I've found the code at fault and fixed the issue.

We need to get the fix code reviewed and tested by Quality Assurance; I'm arranging this now. I've ensured that the script is not run on live until it is fixed.

Comment updated on: 22/02/2007 @ 18:21

The problem has passed peer review, the “Quality Assurance” team will review the changes tomorrow morning. To reiterate this script will not run until we have put it back in full working order.

Comment updated on: 23/02/2007 @ 10:22

We have now resolved this problem and automatic charging of any fees upon completion of an outbound migration should not take place. Customers will be expected to settle their Deferred fees within a set period, or will be transferred to debt recovery by Finance process.

Comment updated on: 23/02/2007 @ 11:07

This problem has now entered Beta testing and is with Quality Assurance.

Will update shortly the outcome of the testing.

Comment updated on: 23/02/2007 @ 11:40

Beta testing has now completed successfully. We will now commence with the Gamma Testing stage.

Further updates to follow when this has completed.

Comment updated on: 23/02/2007 @ 12:11

This problem has now passed Gamma Testing. The developer is currently awaiting change control approval, once approved the Problem Fix will be rolled to out live platform.


Comment updated on: 23/02/2007 @ 14:51

Problem confirmed as fixed on live, sending for signoff.

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