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Problem: [40519] Data transfer problems affecting customers connected to thn-ag1 Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 24/02/2007 @ 19:04

We have recently become aware of an increase in the number of customers reporting data transfer problems once connected to the Internet. Customers suffering from this problem will find that they can connect to the Internet but will be unable to browse web pages or use certain Internet applications, with pages timing out or returning 'page can't be displayed' errors.

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Comment updated on: 24/02/2007 @ 19:08

Our network engineers are currently investigating this problem.

Comment updated on: 24/02/2007 @ 21:37

Our network engineers have investigated the cause of the problem and have been unable to locate a problem on our network and our testing shows that the cause is believed to be within BT Wholesale's network.

We have escalated the problem to BT who are now looking into this.

If any customers are affected by this problem and are unable to browse when connected to our new gateway (THN-AG1), we would recommend that they disconnect and reconnect and they should connect to another gateway.

Comment updated on: 01/03/2007 @ 10:48

Problem does not appear to be directly related to our network or the new capacity and it is suspected that the issue lies deeper within BT Wholesale's network.

BT Wholesale are continuing to look into the problem and have been given test account details to assist in their investigations.

Comment updated on: 01/03/2007 @ 17:46

We have now proven the fault to be within BT Wholesale's network and eliminated the possibility of a problem with our new gateway, thn-ag1 or the traversal of traffic between this and the BT Wholesale network.

The problem is however only affecting customers connected across the new central bandwidth that has recently been installed.

Bt Wholesale's out of office engineers are now checking the routing across their network to pinpoint any behavioural differences in relation to our newly installed pipe.

Comment updated on: 02/03/2007 @ 10:24

BT Wholesale believe that they have now isolated the cause of the problem.

A configuration error was found with the new central cluster and the way in which traffic was routed to and from our network and BT Wholesale's.

When customers connect to the Internet they are routed through one of several BT Remote Access Servers. The return path to this server should be solely via the BT network. Due to missing configuration however some customers were being routed via our network and then through the peering connection we have with BT. This caused problems due to the configuration differences between our network and BT's.

We are awaiting the results of further testing from BT Wholesale and feedback from our end users that this problem is now resolved.

Service Status will then be updated.

Comment updated on: 02/03/2007 @ 13:04

We have now had confirmation form BT that the problem is fully resolved and testing by our customers also confirms this to be the case so the problem is now being closed.

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