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Problem: [41014] [Signoff] Signup errors Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 13/03/2007 @ 09:37

Customers reporting errors (stating we were unable to log you into the system or similar errors) when attempting to sign up a new broadband account.

The error tends to appear at the confirmation page, after selecting all the product options.

If you were logged in to the portal, you could associate your username with this problem.

Comment updated on: 13/03/2007 @ 09:40

We are currently investigating a problem which is preventing a small number of people signing up to our service.

Affected users will recieve an error message stating that they could not be logged into the system or similar.

Our development team are addressing this issue as a matter of priority.

Comment updated on: 13/03/2007 @ 10:39

It would appear this issue is being caused where the signup process believes you are logged in to the portal. This could affect customers who have previously logged into the Member Centre, or whom have auto-login enabled.

A secondary issue exists where cookies are not enabled and the signup process is unable to continue. This will need to be fixed seperately and an appropriate customer friendly message displayed to this effect.

Comment updated on: 13/03/2007 @ 14:13

Implementing fix

Comment updated on: 13/03/2007 @ 15:14

Rolled to staging platform for beta testing.

Comment updated on: 13/03/2007 @ 16:47

gamma testing passed, change control raised

Comment updated on: 13/03/2007 @ 17:03

change control approved, ready to rollout

Comment updated on: 13/03/2007 @ 17:18

fixed rolled live, in qa

Comment updated on: 13/03/2007 @ 17:39

live qa passed - issue put to signoff

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