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Problem: [41245] Removal of Failed Billing Restrictions (TPAR) Broken Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 21/03/2007 @ 11:41

We are currently investigating a problem which will prevent customers from re-activating accounts that have recently failed to take subscription payments.

If you were logged in to the portal, you could associate your username with this problem.

Comment updated on: 21/03/2007 @ 11:47

Our QA team are currently investigating this issue and assesing the impact.

Comment updated on: 22/03/2007 @ 13:38

We have identified further examples of this occuring. Therefore the problem has been upgraded back to P1 status.

Comment updated on: 22/03/2007 @ 14:02

This problem is now being investigated, as the initial reports where that this was not happing all the time, however recent reports from Customer Support Centre have suggested that this may be occurring with all accounts that have gone in to Failed Billing and try to use a Debit Card to take the payment.

Comment updated on: 22/03/2007 @ 15:32

This problem is still being worked on, though it is now being downgraded. This is because our investigations have identified a very small number of customers that could be affected (single figures).

Comment updated on: 29/03/2007 @ 12:44

Testing of the TPAR process on accounts via the Portal has confirmed we now have live monitoring of this in place so we can check if and when any customers experience this issue in the future. The nature of the problem means it's difficult to replicate but we can now catch these issues as they occur. A permanent fix can then be tackled once we have enough information.

Comment updated on: 30/03/2007 @ 11:20

The cause of the problem is identified, implementation of a fix is under way.

Comment updated on: 30/03/2007 @ 11:49

The fix for the problem is implemented and is now undergoing Peer Review and Quality Assurance.

Comment updated on: 30/03/2007 @ 14:13

The fix for problem has been rolled to the Live platform, it should now be possible to exit failed billing by using credit or debit card on the Portal.

The issue will be monitored for a short while to make sure unwarranted failures are no longer happening.

Comment updated on: 30/03/2007 @ 14:53

CSC confirms that the problem is now resolved.

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