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Problem: [43181] High mail queues on new servers Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 25/05/2007 @ 11:31

We currently have high mail queues on our 3 new mail servers. We have resolved the underlying issue and the queues are decreasing, however we expect the mail queued to take a significant amount of time to be delivered in it's entirety.

However the queues should have been reported in our monitoring software, and are not currently appearing. Our network engineers are investigating this at the moment.

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Comment updated on: 25/05/2007 @ 13:28

Problem has been passed to a network engineer and monitoring is being reconfigured on the affected servers.

Comment updated on: 25/05/2007 @ 16:16

The problem has been located and a fix has been implemented. The queues are decreasing.

Comment updated on: 25/05/2007 @ 16:21

The issue which caused our monitoring software to not alert us to this problem has now been resolved.

This will enable us to react quicker to an issue of this nature if it is to occur again in the future.

The cause of these queues has been resolved and the affected mail servers are now working through these queues at an acceptable rate.

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