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Problem: [44806] High Mail Queues Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 17/07/2007 @ 12:14

Mxcore 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 and 8 have high queues, ranging between 30 and 40k mails on each.

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Comment updated on: 17/07/2007 @ 13:30

We are investigating this issue.

Comment updated on: 17/07/2007 @ 14:24

We are continuing to work on this issue, and have found problems with two of our mxlast servers which have been raised to the supplier for repair. In addition to this we are handling larger volumes of incoming mail than usual, which is causing heavy load on the mxcore servers.

Comment updated on: 17/07/2007 @ 16:59

We have rolled back a change to our spam scanning system that we beleive was causing issues due to the amount of incoming mail.

Comment updated on: 17/07/2007 @ 18:40

All servers are now back in service and delivery is running normally.

Comment updated on: 18/07/2007 @ 09:47

The mail queues are high again this morning, and our networks engineers are investigating.

Comment updated on: 18/07/2007 @ 14:03

We have identified and taken corrective action on domains which are attempting to use MessageLabs as an MX host and our servers as an MXLAST. This is not expected to cause any issues, and has helped to reduce the volume of messages awaiting delivery.

We are also investigating some issues regarding incorrect permissions on spam folders and expect to have this resolved soon. This has led to an inflation of the queues, however it has not affected normal delivery.

Comment updated on: 18/07/2007 @ 16:21

We have enabled a further spam control system that is beginning to bring queues down. Mail delivery is still continuing normally.

Comment updated on: 18/07/2007 @ 17:55

We have cleared off some spam that was contributing to the inflation of the mail queues. We are now seing a dramatic reduction in queue numbers.

Comment updated on: 19/07/2007 @ 11:25

We are continuing the work that we initiated yesterday, as it is already visible on the graphs that we have reduced the queue substantially. It is our intention that queues will be back to normal no later than tomorrow morning with our internal expectation to be that they will be back to normal by this evening.

Yesterday we did identify an issue whereby spam blocking had not been running correctly on our mxlast servers. This has been re-enabled and also been enabled on mxcores to alleviate the issues that we have seen and to improve the service to our customers.

Comment updated on: 20/07/2007 @ 13:42

The queues are still under review and currently being managed by our network engineers. The platform is currenly displaying stability and a decrease in queues accross both the mx latsts and the mx core . Engineers will be evaluating aditional incomming session deployment as an avenue to relieve smtp responce.

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