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Problem: [45037] [Awaiting Signoff] Internal developer CMS platform unable to roll files to live website Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 25/07/2007 @ 11:26

Our internal Content Management System (CMS) is currently not able to roll files to our testing and live platforms. This affects our developers' ability to update and add to content of parts of the website. This is a priority problem for us since it affects our ability to service our customers via the online help pages and prevents further development from being published. Automated systems and existing content is not affected; customers would not directly experience any issues in relation to this problem.

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Comment updated on: 26/07/2007 @ 09:15

Our developers are currently investigating this issue.

Comment updated on: 27/07/2007 @ 18:05

Testing this afternoon has not been able to demonstrate successful rollouts to our live platform of support page updates.

Comment updated on: 27/07/2007 @ 18:16

Investigation will resume on Monday as this problem does not directly affect customers.

Comment updated on: 30/07/2007 @ 13:44

Our networks department has fixed their side of the problem - the software side is being fixed now.

Comment updated on: 30/07/2007 @ 20:10

A fix for this problem has been rolled to our live platform and will be tested by our Content team early tomorrow morning.

Comment updated on: 01/08/2007 @ 17:58

The implemented fix is under code review. We have reopened this issue as a priority problem until we are once again in a position to update support material on our live website

Comment updated on: 01/08/2007 @ 18:01

Our Networks department is currently fixing the issue.

Comment updated on: 03/08/2007 @ 15:12

The fix has been applied and we're now monitoring the issue to make sure it has been resolved.

Comment updated on: 03/08/2007 @ 17:43

Downgrading the problem as the issue has now been resolved.

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