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Problem: [45315] Authoritative DNS servers providing inconsistent answers when continually queried Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 02/08/2007 @ 19:18

We are seeing inconsistencies when querying and When continually queried, they intermittently provide differing results for the same domain.

We are looking specifically at MX Records but this could include other records too. Customers affected have not necessarily changed their MX records recently.

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Comment updated on: 02/08/2007 @ 20:47

Our on-call Networks Engineer has been called and is investigating this issue.

Comment updated on: 02/08/2007 @ 21:30

Our network engineers are continuing to work on this problem, we have identified a possible problem with a script that creates the DNS records on our secondary authorative DNS server.

We will post a further update shortly.

Comment updated on: 02/08/2007 @ 22:30

We have performed a full reload of the DNS records and testing the affected domains shows the records are now consistent and correct. We have also tested a sample of random domains to ensure there are no errors showing.

We will continue to monitor the problem and check to ensure no further domains are affected.

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