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Problem: [48646] Webmail (SquirrelMail): White screen following login. Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 18/12/2007 @ 20:49

There is currently issues with the webmail platform. This was suspected around 7pm and since we are now seeing high volumes of enquiries via the CSC regarding this issue, these are coming in by both tickets and calls.

Symptoms: Following login to the customer recieves no error except a white screen, this has been replicated to a white screen and to a white screen with a nav bar on the left hand side.

The issue appears to be intermittant and account related.

Not tied to a particular browser and replicated on firefox and IE, we have only replicated this intermittantly.

If you were logged in to the portal, you could associate your username with this problem.

Comment updated on: 18/12/2007 @ 21:07

On call engineer is now looking into this.

Comment updated on: 18/12/2007 @ 21:41

We have identified a hardware problem with one of our webmail servers that seems to be the cause of this issue. It is being removed from service while we investigate this issue so that normal operation is restored.

Comment updated on: 19/12/2007 @ 10:30

A site visit has revealed that the server has a problem with it's onboard disk controller.

We will be raising a support case to our supplier shortly.

Comment updated on: 19/12/2007 @ 12:19

We have now removed the problematic server from use while the disk controller is repaired.
Customers should still be able to use webmail as normal from the remaining servers.

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