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Problem: [50849] [Awaiting Signoff] Faults Phase 2 - View details button on a fault is showing no data. Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 27/03/2008 @ 14:06

The woosh test results which are usually attached to a fault are missing and give a white screen.

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Comment updated on: 27/03/2008 @ 14:14

We are currently experiencing a fault which is impacting our automated faults processes. This may result in a slightly longer than usual response time when dealing with a fault that has been raised as all of these will need to be investigated and raised manually.

Comment updated on: 27/03/2008 @ 14:50

This problem is now with one of our developers for investigation.

Comment updated on: 27/03/2008 @ 15:11

The problem has been identified and a fix is now on its way to QA.

Comment updated on: 27/03/2008 @ 16:25

The fix has passed beta and gamma testing. Now waiting for approval to roll to the live platform.

Comment updated on: 27/03/2008 @ 20:29

QA and Development have successfully rolled the fix to the live platform. Customers are now able to access woosh results for their fault.

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