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Problem: [50908] PlusNet/Metronet Usenet Access. Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 31/03/2008 @ 16:17

Giganews have taken control of our outsourced Usenet service today and in the process have broken access from certain IPs and broken authentication.

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Comment updated on: 01/04/2008 @ 07:49

Problem passed to network engineer for investigation.

Comment updated on: 01/04/2008 @ 07:53

We have raised a case with Giganews. It is believed that the problem is related to some back end work they have performed as part of their recent aqcuisition of Supernews:-

Comment updated on: 01/04/2008 @ 11:57

This problem is still being investigated by our network engineers and we will provide an update as soon as one is available.

Comment updated on: 01/04/2008 @ 13:46

We held multiple reseller accounts with Supernews prior to the acquisition. We also held an account with Giganews. Customers who use these accounts share ADSL IP addresses from a common pool. It would seem that Giganews do not allow netblocks to be shared across reseller accounts.

We are continuing to work with our reseller to resolve the problem.

Some customers will still be experiencing authentication failures trying to access the service.

Comment updated on: 01/04/2008 @ 15:39

Most customers should now be able to access the usenet service again. We will post an update via service status shortly.

Comment updated on: 01/04/2008 @ 17:40

Most customers are able to reconnect.

We still have some issues with customers on the RIN network and certain IP addresses that we are working to resolve.

Usenet authentication is currently broken for the few accounts that allowed it.

Metronet customers may still be having problems accessing the service. We will continue working with our new partner to resolve these issues and will provide a progress update tomorrow.

Comment updated on: 02/04/2008 @ 13:19

Access has been restored for most PlusNet customers including those in the RIN network.
It would appear that there are still some issues with certain IP addresses.
Authentication for PlusNet accounts that allow it is not currently working.
Access to the Metronet news server may not currently be possible.
We are continuing to work alongside our supplier regarding these issues.

Comment updated on: 03/04/2008 @ 08:27

We are aware that some PlusNet customers are still experiencing difficulties accessing the service. Metonet customers are also unable to access their news server.

We are continuing to investigate these problems as a priority.

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