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Problem: [50961] [POSTINI] Customers email getting deferred by the mx.cores. Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 03/04/2008 @ 15:24

It has emerged that attempts to send email to approximately 1600 users in the system is resulting in the message being deferred by our delivery servers. Further investigation is required.

If you were logged in to the portal, you could associate your username with this problem.

Comment updated on: 03/04/2008 @ 15:35

Problem has been passed to a network engineer for investigation.

Comment updated on: 03/04/2008 @ 16:16

We have identified that this has affected approximately 40 customers who have previously chosen to opt out of the Postini spam platform.

These customers will not be able to receive email at the moment. Messages sent to them will not be lost and will be resent as the rejection is only temporary.

We will fix those that have opted out and will then look into the other examples of this we have identified.

Comment updated on: 03/04/2008 @ 16:38

We have fixed those that have opted out and email should now be getting delivered a normal.

We are continuing to investigate the remaining users and why their database configuration is why it is.

Comment updated on: 03/04/2008 @ 16:55

The problem with all the users whose mail was getting deferred is now fixed. This root cause was incorrect information being passed to incoming servers. We are contenting to monitor the system for any further anomalies.

Comment updated on: 03/04/2008 @ 16:55

We have now fixed the reamining examples and no email is being deferred. Problem will now be downgraded for sign-off.

Comment updated on: 03/04/2008 @ 21:39

It would appear this problem had not been resolved. Upon further testing and customers communicating back to us emails are still being rejected.

Therefore this has been reraised and assign to a networks engineer for investigation.

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