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Problem: [51230] Intermittent external connectivity loss and multiple red servers on Opsview Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 21/04/2008 @ 21:45

As above, eco (which needs a continuous HTTP connection) keeps dropping for more than one person here, and my SSH connection stalled. Multiple servers are showing as red in opsview.

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Comment updated on: 22/04/2008 @ 08:38

At approximately 9:30pm last night we experienced a network outage that affected the customer support centre and caused issues for some customers trying to access Sheffield-based services such as our website and email servers.

Comment updated on: 22/04/2008 @ 08:41

At approximately 11:00pm connectivity was restored by isolating one of our core routers and forcing the traffic via an alternative route.

Comment updated on: 22/04/2008 @ 08:43

Core router pte-gw1 had hit max cpu utilization. This affected ospf and bgp, causing links to bounce. Due to the nature of the problem, automatic fail-over did not kick in.

We are continuing to monitor the platform which seems to have remained stable throughout the evening and early morning.

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