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Problem: [53181] Data centre power outage - [Mop up] Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 02/09/2008 @ 07:02

There has been at power outage at one of our Sheffield data centres. This is affecting access to all Sheffield-based services, included but not limited to:

Internal systems, email collection, hosted websites, portal services and signup.

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Comment updated on: 02/09/2008 @ 09:16

One of our Sheffield data centres suffered a power outage at approximately 7:00am this morning. An engineer is currently on site.

Comment updated on: 02/09/2008 @ 09:46

Power has been restored and services are coming back online.

Comment updated on: 02/09/2008 @ 17:02

Access to all customer-facing services was restored mid-morning. Work has continued throughout the day to restore access to a number of internal systems.

Comment updated on: 02/09/2008 @ 17:06

We have investigated the circumstances around this morning's failure and what we can do to help prevent similar occurences in the future.

The recovery process was fairly swift once we had been able to gain access to the data centre and get power restored (which was complicated by the fact that the entry system was also down).

We do have backup and DR systems in place however in order to ensure data integrity is maintained we purposely have some elements of failover that remain under manual control.

Comment updated on: 02/09/2008 @ 17:09

We are awaiting formal confirmation regarding the definitive cause of the power outage from our data centre provider however we believe that the issue was related to a period of planned maintenance that was carried out this morning.

Comment updated on: 02/09/2008 @ 17:21

We have identified a number of areas where we can make changes to mitigate the impact on our customers when situations like this arrive.

We have created the necessary tasks for this work to be completed and are now downgrading this problem for monitoring.

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