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Problem: [53353] Broken RADIUS authentication Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 12/09/2008 @ 12:59

We have identified a user who is being assigned a BT 10.x.x.x IP when trying to connect. His connection attempts are not visible in Workplace RADIUS reporting. Woosh shows an unusual number of failed auth attempts using the *correct* username which is indicative of a problem.

After preliminary investigation, we suspect that this may be affecting others and stopping them from being able to connect.

If you were logged in to the portal, you could associate your username with this problem.

Comment updated on: 12/09/2008 @ 13:03

Problem has been passed to a network engineer for further investigation.

Comment updated on: 12/09/2008 @ 13:14

Yesterdays rollout introduced a bug to the config that fails to authenticate customers should they enter any of their username in uppercase -

Comment updated on: 12/09/2008 @ 13:15

We have identified a fix that will provide a short term resolution to this problem whilst we continue to investigate the root cause.

Comment updated on: 12/09/2008 @ 14:19

We have now applied the fix. We belive this affected approximately 10 customers' accounts. Problem is now being sent for signoff.

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