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Problem: [53376] BT Major service outages Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 15/09/2008 @ 14:31

We've been made aware of some Major Service Outages which could be causing connection issues for customers in the following locations.

Problem in the Dummer area
Dialling code(s) affected 01256

Problem in the Droxford areas
Dialling code(s) affected 01489

Problem in the Kentish Town area
Dialling code(s) affected: 0203076 0203227 0207168 0207209 0207267 0207284 0207419 0207424 0207428 0207482 0207485 0207691 0207813 0207916

Problem in the Invergordon and Kildary areas
Dialling code(s) affected: 01349 and 01862

Problem in the Horley and Norwood Hill areas
Dialling code(s) affected: 01293

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Comment updated on: 15/09/2008 @ 14:34

We'll provide an update on these outages once we have more information.

Comment updated on: 15/09/2008 @ 15:31

The Drummer and Droxford outages have now been resolved.

Comment updated on: 15/09/2008 @ 16:30

The outage affecting Kentish Town has also been resolved.

Comment updated on: 15/09/2008 @ 16:40

The outage at Invergordon and Kildary has now been resolved.

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