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Problem: [54847] [waiting for dsl platfomr balance]Data Transfer Issues Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 19/01/2009 @ 09:33

The CSC are reporting a large upsurge in the volume of data transfer problems that they are fielding.

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Comment updated on: 19/01/2009 @ 10:26

Problem appears to be affecting customers connected to the gateway known as pcl-ag01. Our monitoring shows a gradual decline in sessions on this gateway since around 8:00am this morning.

Comment updated on: 19/01/2009 @ 10:28

Service Status posted -

Comment updated on: 19/01/2009 @ 11:48

High packet loss detected between pcl-ag01 and our internal gateways. We have made some changes to our routing however this has failed to reduce the packet loss.

Comment updated on: 19/01/2009 @ 11:50

We have reloaded a line module and bounced the interface on the affected gateways. The problem still persists which suggests a wider problem at our City Lifeline data centre.

Comment updated on: 19/01/2009 @ 12:06

Almost all customers have been inadverteently disconnected from pcl-ag01 and it is now proving difficult to communicate with the device.

Comment updated on: 19/01/2009 @ 12:46

Problem identified with one of the card slots on the affected gateway. This has been reloaded, the gateway is accepting sessions as normal and the packet loss is no more.

Comment updated on: 19/01/2009 @ 12:48

We have asked BT to put extra RADIUS entries on the affected gateway so that more customers are pushed towards it now that it's taking sessions again. We anticipate that it will take some time to restore balance to the network.

Comment updated on: 19/01/2009 @ 13:21

Service Status updated -

Comment updated on: 19/01/2009 @ 15:10

We appear to be seeing a similar problem with another gateway (ptn-ag1). Over the last hour the number of users connected to this gatewy has been steadily declining. We are investigating the cause of this.

Comment updated on: 19/01/2009 @ 16:29

Cause of the problem is due to a DDoS attack against one of our users. We have now taken remedial measures and will continue to monitor the platform over the duration of the evening. The imbalance on the network has the potential to cause performance problems as we head into peak hours.

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