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Problem: [56739] [Live monitoring] Data transfer issues on pcl-ag04 Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 29/05/2009 @ 09:49

We have just started receiving a high number of calls over a short period of time from customers having DNS or data transfer issues all seem to be connected to the pcl-ag04 gateway.

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Comment updated on: 29/05/2009 @ 10:27

We have replicated this problem in our testing environment. Passing to a network engineer for further analysis.

Comment updated on: 29/05/2009 @ 16:37

Debug info has been collected ans sent to vendor for analysis.

Comment updated on: 29/05/2009 @ 16:38

Vendor has suggested we swap the SRP again as this has restored service on both of the recent occasions when similar problems have occurred.

Before this is done, we will allow access to the network for support to run diagnostics.

Comment updated on: 29/05/2009 @ 16:39

We have asked Wholesale to remove all entries for pcl-ag04 so that customers are no longer connecting to it.

Comment updated on: 29/05/2009 @ 16:41

Customers are still connecting to the problematic gateway suggesting that Wholesale are yet to fulfil our request to remove all entries.

Support are having difficulty accessing the network so we we look to run the diagnostic commands on their benhalf.

Comment updated on: 01/06/2009 @ 10:17

We are waiting for further information from our hardware vendor. BT have now made some changes to their servers to prevent customers from connectiong to the problematic gateway.

Since then we have seen isolated reports of customers still connecting to this gateway, we are currently investigating these examples.

Comment updated on: 01/06/2009 @ 16:58

We are continuing to work alongside our vendor to establish the root casuse of the problems. No new sessions are being established on pcl-ag04 as BT have now removed all entries from their RADIUS servers.

Comment updated on: 03/06/2009 @ 12:11

Our vendor are continuing to investigate the problem based on the debugging information we've provided them with.

They have had some problems accessing our network but have now ascertained that there is a bug preventing routes being distributed to the line cards. Root cause is yet to be identified.

Conference call is scheduled for early this afternoon to discuss findings and establish a route forward.

Dependent on findings it's likely that we'll need to apply a software patch or perform a full version upgrade/downgrade. This will involving disconnecting all customers connected to pcl-ag04 during the early hours of tomorrow morning.

Our engineers are continuing to provide vendor with diagnostic information as and when required.

Comment updated on: 03/06/2009 @ 15:03

A decision has been made to downgrade the software on pcl-ag04. This work has been scheduled for early tomorrow morning and a planned maintenance announcement will follow shortly.

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