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Problem: [59438] [Networks] [Live Monitoring] Large reduction in throughput for customers connecting via Plusnet 9 or Plusnet 14 Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 24/11/2009 @ 19:35

Before dropping customers from pcl-ag02 yesterday, some work was done to route the traffic for Plusnet 14 and PN 9 on other gateways across the network -

Since then there have been reports of drastically reduced HTTP throughput for customers connected to these pipes. Unfortunately it isn't easy for customers to determine what pipe they are connected to as all they have visibility of is the gateway.

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Comment updated on: 24/11/2009 @ 19:36

Passed to an engineer for further investigation.

Comment updated on: 24/11/2009 @ 20:23

Customers connected to the 2 622s connected to pcl-ag02 are seeing signficantly reduced speeds.

Affected users appear to be connected to PN9 or PN14 LTSs that are pointed at the other racks.

BT have set the RADIUS weightings on these 2 622s back to normal (they were at x4).

Speed problems are the same regardless of traffic management profile.

Comment updated on: 24/11/2009 @ 21:22

We are investigating the internal routing on our core network to see if there are any problems with the routing of traffic from these two 622Mbps pipes to the ERX routers they terminate on.

Comment updated on: 24/11/2009 @ 21:58

We have identified an issue on our core network that was causing congestion to traffic and causing some customers to see slower than normal speeds

We've made a configuration change to the routing so that the traffic takes a different route through our core network and are seeing traffic levels return to more normal levels and speeds return to normal.

The performance will be monitored this evening to ensure that the problem has been resolved.

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