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Problem: [59493] [Networks] PCL-AG02 failure Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 27/11/2009 @ 12:45

PCL-AG02 dropped all user sessions. We are unable to access the device by either ethernet or console connection.
This means that plusnet14 and plusnet9 622 centrals are down.

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Comment updated on: 27/11/2009 @ 16:15

2 SRPs displaying red 'fail' LED. Remote hands tried reseating the SRPs to no avail. Rebooting the router had no effect. Will try swapping in standby SRP from another router.

Comment updated on: 27/11/2009 @ 16:17

SRP swap didn't work. Priority 1 problem raised with supplier as this has a significant impact on the amount of available capacity we have.

Comment updated on: 27/11/2009 @ 16:18

Configuration underway to enable us to terminate the 2 622 centrals on different edge routers.

Comment updated on: 27/11/2009 @ 16:19

Plusnet 9 is back online and pointing to the other edge routers. Now working on Plusnet 14.

Comment updated on: 27/11/2009 @ 19:15

Both 622 centrals have been routed to alternative edge routers and we are balancing the platform.

Replacement hardware is being shipped to site by the vendor and will be swapped tomorrow.

I am now downgrading this problem as there is a workaround in place.

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