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Problem: [60523] Disconnections from our broadband aggregation routers Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 05/02/2010 @ 12:23

Three of our gateways have had problems resulting in customers being disconnected from the Internet.

This is known to have been a problem with the gateways known as pcl-ag04, pcl-ag02 and thg-gw2.

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Comment updated on: 05/02/2010 @ 13:58

This problem is currently being investigated by our networks team. We'll post further information as it's available.

Comment updated on: 05/02/2010 @ 15:18

The device panicked and caused it to drop all customer sessions. People are reconnecting to the gateway however another unrelated problem may be leading to data transfer problems or slow speeds.

Comment updated on: 05/02/2010 @ 17:30

Problem identified with two of the virtual routers associated with pcl-ag04. This will be resulting in data transfer problems for customers connecting via these routes.

Comment updated on: 05/02/2010 @ 17:33

We're reloading the gateway in a bid to resolve the data transfer problems. This will disconnect all customers from this gateway, although they should be able to reconnect again almost immediately.

Comment updated on: 05/02/2010 @ 17:36

Router has come back up and is taking sessions again.

Comment updated on: 15/02/2010 @ 13:53

Our hardware supplier has identified a defect in their firmware that is causing the supervisor module (the SRP) in the router to crash, this then results in a number of our customers being disconnected from the Internet.

A fix is being developed, the problem will be updated when we have any further details.

Comment updated on: 16/02/2010 @ 16:14

We have had confirmation from our hardware suppliers that this same defect has also caused thn-ag02 to crash this morning.

Comment updated on: 26/02/2010 @ 10:27

We have received a fix from our suppliers and applied it to the first of the routers that are susceptible to this defect.

We are now monitoring this router to ensure that it is stable, once we are happy that it is indeed stable then we will roll the fix to the remaining routers.

Comment updated on: 16/03/2010 @ 12:53

This problem is now being closed as resolved.

There is a new problem open to track the new issue that occurred over the weekend with the gateway known as PCL-AG04, this new problem is number 61010.

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