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Problem: [60649] [Monitoring] Pipe drop Plusnet 15 (THN-AG2) 16/02/2010 Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 16/02/2010 @ 08:47

Due to a problem with one of our edge routers, all customers connected to the gateway known as thn-ag2 were temporarily disconnected from the Internet at around 8:40am this morning.

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Comment updated on: 16/02/2010 @ 09:18

Problem assigned to a network engineer for investigation.

Comment updated on: 16/02/2010 @ 09:21

SRP swapped on THN-AG2. This caused all customers on that gateway to be disconnected from the Internet.

The router is taking sessions again, however it's worth noting that half of our 21CN customers normally connect to this gateway. After being disconnected a lot of these customers will have been forced over to PCL-AG04 creating an imbalance.

It's likely that we're going to have to force more disconnections to restore balance to the network.

Comment updated on: 16/02/2010 @ 09:31

We're in the process of reloading THN-AG2 which will diconnect anybody who has reconnected to this gateway. This is a precaution as we have seen data transfer issues in the past following similar problems to this.

We are also going to disable RADIUS entries for pcl-ag04 to prevent the 21CN platform becoming any more out of balance.

We're then going to disconnect a number of customers from PCL-AG04 to bring THN-AG2 back into balance.

Comment updated on: 16/02/2010 @ 16:11

We have had confirmation from our hardware suppliers that this is the same defect that also caused the same problems on pcl-ag02 and pcl-ag04 over the last few weeks.

We will close this problem once we are happy that thn-ag2 is stable and our ADSL centrals are once again balanced.

Comment updated on: 17/02/2010 @ 15:08

We are now closing this problem down as the impacted centrals are in balance and we have an existing case open with the vendor to handle the underlying issue.

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