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Problem: [63261] 20CN pipe drop Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 27/08/2010 @ 10:06

How can the problem be replicated? Please add step by step details and URLs or location of the service.
Not easily but there has been a massive influx of calls from customers reporting auth problems and a number of staff have noticed that their lines have dropped too.

What did you want to happen?
No reports of problems.

What actually happened?
Plenty of reports of problems.

Do you have any examples of affected users? If yes, please put them in the comments.

Any other detail you think may be useful.
There was a drop across all of our 155Mbps centrals at approximately 9.40am (ref: 63260). At approximately 10.05 a similar drop was seen across all of our 622Mbps centrals.

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Comment updated on: 27/08/2010 @ 12:50

Service Status thread opened -

Comment updated on: 27/08/2010 @ 12:51

15 of our 622Mbps central pipes show session drops, as do all of our 155Mbps centrals.

Comment updated on: 27/08/2010 @ 13:05

One of our centrals has almost reached its session limit so we've stopped new users connecting to it and forceably terminated some existing sessions.

BTw have adised that routing was lost across their core network this morning and they're still investigating the circumstances surrounding this.

We've requested extra RADIUS entries are added to certain pipes to help bring our network back into balance.

Comment updated on: 27/08/2010 @ 13:06

Service Status update published -

Comment updated on: 27/08/2010 @ 17:51

Service Status update published -

Downgrading problem for monitoring.

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