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Technical Summary

A handy reference guide to all the server and connection details you may need.

Basic Broadband Settings

Broadband username:
If you signed up for the broadband product after 20 Feb 2006.
If you signed up for the broadband product before 20 Feb 2006.

Please note: 'username' is your broadband username, not your account username.

You can view your broadband product's username and password on the Services Summary page of My Account.

  • Modulation:G.DMT or G.lite
  • Encapsulation: ‘PPP over ATM‘, sometimes called PPPoA or RFC2364
  • Multiplexing Method: VC-MUX/NULL, sometimes called ‘VC-Based’
  • VPI: 0
  • VCI: 38
  • Authentication Protocol: CHAP

Mail Servers
Incoming Mail (POP3):
Outgoing Mail (SMTP):

Dial-up Numbers
There are several dial-up connection numbers.

The number to use depends on when you signed up for your Metronet account:

  • Before 20th February 2006 and already have a dial-up service:
    - Clientless number: 0845 638 9486
    - Client version: 0845 638 9487
  • Before 20th February 2006 and without a dial-up service: 0845 604 1679
  • After 20th February 2006: 0845 604 1679


DNS Connection Settings
Only change your DNS settings if you know what you are doing.


Set your hardware to ‘Server Assigned DNS Servers’ to avoid problems.

News Servers
Broadband users:
Dial-up users:

Please note: don't use a username or password when connecting to the news servers (NNTP).

Time Server (NTP)
If your hardware can syncronise its time with the Network Time Protocol, configure it to use our time server for accuracy.

Time Server:

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