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Using Contact Us

Read our guide on how to use the Contact Us tool.

  1. What is Contact Us?
  2. How do I use Contact Us?
  3. Contact Us Wizard
  4. Viewing a Query
  5. Interpreting the Query listings
  6. Updating a Query
  7. Closing a Query
  8. Helping our Support Team to help you
  9. Privacy statement

1. What is Contact Us?
Contact Us lets you get online help from our support team, 24/7. All queries and replies are stored within Contact Us, letting you keep track of any issues.

Contact Us is more accountable than email. You can see which members of the support team have handled your query and when.

2. How do I use Contact Us?

  1. Navigate to the Contact Us tool through the Member Centre or Help & Support section of the Metronet Website.
  2. You will be prompted to login if you haven't already.
  3. Click the 'Raise a query' link next to the relevant product.
  4. The Contact Us tool will now open - from here you can raise a new query, read previous queries and check the service status table for known problems.


3. Contact Us Wizard
Click the 'New Query' button in the main Contact Us tool - the Contact Us Wizard will open in a pop-up window.

Simply follow the onscreen instructions and questions to raise your query. The support team will then investigate the issue and reply as quickly as possible.

4. Viewing a query
Click the 'View Queries' button to view any issues you've raised by Contact Us or by phone, along with responses from the support team.

There is a drop-down list with several option:

  • Open - view queries awaiting a response from you or the support team.
  • Closed - view queries that have been dealt with.
  • All - view all of your queries.

You can also view queries from the last 7 or 28 days.

Click the 'View Queries' button to display results.

5. Interpreting the query listings
Each query you submit, together with any response from the support team, will be visible via View Query:

  • Query ID number - your query is assigned a unique number. It is also given a status. When created this will be shown as 'Open'.
  • Query checked - the support team will check your query and send a quick reply. You may see these comments as 'Closed' issues, or they may be left open for you to close yourself. You may close a query at any time.
  • Query assigned - occasionally the support team will assign your query to another department or individual. You'll be able to see who your query has been assigned to.

For each query you raise, you'll also be able to see:

Time-stamps - your query and any responses to it are time-stamped, showing when it was submitted and replied to. This lets us see how efficient we are in responding to queries.

Action Ticket - this only appears beneath 'Open' and 'Assigned' issues.

6. Updating a query
You can add further information or comments to an open query:

  • Click the 'Action Ticket' button at the bottom of the query.
  • You are asked 'Has your issue been resolved?' - click the 'No' check box.
  • Add any comments to the new text box.
  • Attach a file (if required) from your computer by clicking 'Browse'.
  • Click 'Return Ticket' to send the query back to the support team.


7. Closing a Query
If you are happy your query has been resolved, you may close the query report yourself:

  • Click the 'Action Ticket' button at the bottom of the query.
  • You are asked 'Has your issue been resolved?' - click the 'Yes' check box.
  • Click the 'Close Ticket' button.
  • Rate your satisfaction with a star rating and click the 'Submit' button.


8. Helping our support team to help you
Always look in the Help & Support section of the site before submitting your query - most common problems and queries are dealt with here.

If you still need to raise a query, remember to:

  • Keep your communication clear and to the point.
  • Include as much relevant information as possible.


9. Privacy statement
We are committed to protecting your privacy. The information in your Contact Us queries will be used for no other purpose than to operate a quality level of support service and keep our support team informed as to your service history.

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