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Problem: [51255] [Changes Pending] - Several SLE servers red in opsview Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 22/04/2008 @ 19:49


Called engineer who will be investigating.

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Comment updated on: 22/04/2008 @ 20:14

Our master ellacoya accounting database has become unavailable. Investigating.

Comment updated on: 22/04/2008 @ 20:54

Our network engineers are continuing to investigate the cause of the problem. Customers connecting while the problem is ongoing may be assigned the default speed profile rather than the correct profile for their account type. This may result in slightly lower than normal non-interactive traffic like P2P or Usenet.

Comment updated on: 22/04/2008 @ 22:04

We have failed over to the slave acounting server. Usage data is catching up however there may be a delay overnight until the processing is caught up.

Comment updated on: 23/04/2008 @ 09:36

An engineer is going to site to fix the failed accounting server and bring it back as a slave.

Comment updated on: 23/04/2008 @ 11:05

A change control request is being raised to recut our master VMBU database.

Comment updated on: 23/04/2008 @ 13:35

We are continuing to work on the failed accounting server and progressing the change control to recut the VMBU database.

Comment updated on: 23/04/2008 @ 16:05

The VMBU database is now back in replication and processing the backlog of VMBU data from last night.

The slave accounting database server has been fixed and put back into service.

Comment updated on: 23/04/2008 @ 16:44

VMBU Servers are now back in replication and are up-to-date with usage data.

However, they have not yet finished processing that usage data into the human-readable format you all know and love.

Will re-post when that has happened.

Comment updated on: 23/04/2008 @ 16:49

Slave Accounting Server is now also back in replication and catching up

Comment updated on: 23/04/2008 @ 17:02

And its up to date

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