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Problem: [60375] [Awaiting CC] Temporary 451 errors sending email Status: Closed
Problem description Added on: 28/01/2010 @ 14:12

We're receiving reports from customers who are getting error 451 sending email through relay. It's intermittent so suspect it's an issue affecting only certain servers (those at IH?).

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Comment updated on: 28/01/2010 @ 14:14

Problem assigned to network engineer for investigation.

Comment updated on: 28/01/2010 @ 15:21

Problem replicated across relay 01/03/07. Checking error log there are exceptions being thrown due to corruption of a database file. This is likely to be related to a connectivity blip we experienced between two of our data centres earlier this morning.

Comment updated on: 28/01/2010 @ 15:24

Restored corrupt database file and now unable to replicate the problem. Beginning to dequeue messages from the affected servers.

Comment updated on: 28/01/2010 @ 15:25

Problem has occurred again on relay01 this time. Continuing to investigate.

Comment updated on: 28/01/2010 @ 16:59

Our engineers believe they have now located and corrected the source of the DB corruption. They regenerated fresh files and pushed them out to the Relay servers. They then re-tested the SMTP access and are now monitoring the systems for further issues.

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